SuperPaws Dog Training... Client Testimonials

Jude D. with Baci & Michaela - New York City

“Mary and Chris have trained 3 of my cocker spaniels.  I have 2 now;  Michaela is 14 years old and Baci is 18 months old.  I could not have survived without their work with me and my 2 pups. Their board and train service is remarkable and I now have the most socialized, well-behaved pups.  Mary and Chris are gentle and caring and truly work at understanding your life and needs, and help to integrate your pup into your lifestyle.  They are available for questions and concerns even after the training is completed. Mary and Chris are Michaela and Baci’s official Godparents!  They are the greatest and I would recommend them to anyone!"

Jude D. (NYC)

Diane and Chris- New Jersey

"When we adopted Rusty, a rescue pit from a local shelter, we had no idea we had adopted a lovable monster!  Luckily, a man we met on the street recommended Chris and Mary.  They came over to do a free evaluation, and Chris had to wear a bite suit!  Rusty would lunge at anything -- dogs 50 yards away, bicycles, trucks, and even people.  Our arms were black and blue from his dominant play of tug-of-war with your sleeve and just a wee bit of your flesh tucked in.  Walking him was agony because he would grab the leash and shake it like crazy, bitter apple had stopped working... However, there were moments when he was really sweet and gentle -- we could take bones he picked up on the street out of his mouth, so we hoped we could get him under control!  Chris and Mary were very honest with us, at that first evaluation; that this dog was going to be a challenge, he would probably not become an angel within 6 weeks, for example.  But, once we started the lessons, the nipping and tug of war and leash biting stopped within 2 or three weeks!  Then the work began on the other issues, on which there has been remarkable progress. Chris and Mary have been unbelievably dedicated to us and our problem child/dog, answering questions about anything, and doing special lessons to work on particular issues.  Also, although they are dog people, they are not dogmatic -- their approach was "whatever works for you and Rusty" to get the best results -- not the all too typical approach of "this is the ONLY way to train your dog" (whether it works or not!)  It's also very clear that they love their work, and we have never felt like a burden for having such a challenging case.  Our life with Rusty has become quite enjoyable thanks to Superpaws." --Diane and Chris

Melanie G., owner of Rookie, Yogi and Phil - Brooklyn, N.Y.

I have been working with Mary and Chris for almost two years, and I could not be happier with them.  they have successfully managed to instill order in my house despite the fact that I live with three unruly mutts. I'm even able to walk all three of my dogs while pushing my daughter in her stroller! (we dedicated a whole training session to that one.)  the most glowing endorsement I can give, however, is that when Mary and Chris come, my dogs seem like they can't get out the door with them quick enough -- even my dog Rookie who is practically attached to my hip.  It gives me tremendous peace of mind knowing that my dogs are in such great hands.

Brideget and Beau C. with Jake - Bay Shore N.Y.

My husband met Chris, the owner of SuperPaws, while walking our dog, Jake, through the neighborhood. Jake was a very sweet dog, but could get wild when he wanted to play and he was difficult to take on walks. His biggest problem was that he didn’t realize how big he was! Several months after meeting Chris, we decided we needed to train Jake since we had a baby on the way in a couple of months. While we knew he would never do anything malicious to the baby, we were worried he would do something on accident by trying to play with her. Chris came for a consultation and recommended Kimberly to be our trainer. Kimberly and an apprentice, Chris, came to train Jake for the following four weeks. They are both wonderful! We are beyond happy with the results of our training sessions and love that advice and assistance is only an email away if needed. Jake is now far less “wild”, easy to take for walks (even while 9 months pregnant!) and we feel confident that Jake will be an amazing “big brother” to his soon-to-arrive sister.

Bridget and Beau C. with Jake – Bay Shore, NY

Charlene P with Roxcii - Holtsville N.Y,





John and Prisiclla F. with Bailey - Manhattan N.Y.

Attached are some pix of our dear Bailey who, despite a few lapses from time to time, is very well trained. Note the picture of Bailey eyeing the sandwich - and he did NOT grab it!  Thanks for everything - hope to see you around Stuy Town and we may join one of your group classes soon.

Doug D. with Behr - Suffolk, New York

Entire staff of SuperPaws,

I have been training my male Rottweiler Behr with Chris and all the associates of SuperPaws for a short period of time for male dog aggression and I already see a difference in him. I like the hands on attention I receive from all the trainers and the methods of training they apply really make a difference in my dog. The group classes I enjoy because it teaches the dog how to interact around other dogs and gives you the knowledge how to handle every situation you may encounter. Once again, its a pleasure walking my little guy in the park.

Tina C. and Swisher

Dear Chris, Mary & Staff,

I don't know how to say THANK YOU for making such a HUGE difference with our dog Swisher.  Before SuperPaws we could not keep our fiesty Puggle off the leash in our house!  He was destroying everything including the family!  Although we loved the dog, we were going to have to give him away if your training did not work.  After spending just under 3 weeks with you he is a different dog!  He absolutely the BEST DOG EVER!  My son can play with him and our family is back to the way it should be.  You made us believers!  It is the best money I ever spent!!   The love and joy Swisher brings to our home is beyond what we ever imagined!  I recommend you wherever I go!  And... I do plan on trying to get to some group classes so we can continue to keep Swisher at his best!!    Thank you Again!!!  Sincerely,  Tina