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imageDr. Mary Travers-Smith

Mary Travers – Smith earned her doctorate in cognitive behavioral psychology at Hofstra University in New York.  During the early years of her doctoral program, Mary discovered dog training and began an extensive apprenticeship. As both Mary’s Ph.D. studies and dog ownership is often a complex dynamic between dog, human and extended family. It is this understanding that has allowed Mary to build a successful dog training business alongside her husband, Christopher. Their training company is uniquely client centered. They know that to effectively modify a dog’s behavior, the dog, the owner and the family system must be fully understood and the differing needs addressed. it is from this exclusive perspective that SuperPaws Dog Training was born.

“This is understanding dog ownership from the human psychological perspective, but in a very practical way. No matter how busy you are, no matter how hetic life seems, having a dog in your life is manageable when you have the right tools. Dogs bring laughter and unconditional love to one’s life; things we can all use more of!” Dr. Mary Travers – Smith

Mary Travers – Smith is a native of Long Island, New York. In addition to writing, Mary currently owns and operates SuperPaws Dog Training, chairs a dog related charity and celebrates life with her husband and two young daughters, who are both her motivation and inspiration. It is her goal to teach her girls that following your own path while sincerely caring for and helping others is the way to a happy, successful and fulfilling life.