SuperPaws Dog Training Programs



We at SuperPaws Dog Training believe adopting your pet from a local shelter or rescue is not only noble but a SUPER thing to do! We offer you this: A free consultation to determine your needs and goals for your new pet. If you desire, a SuperPaws trainer will assist you in picking that super pup.


A SuperPaws Trainer will meet with you to go over everything from house breaking to chewing. No matter if this is your first puppy, or you just haven't had a little one around in a while, we will answer all your "new puppy" questions.


During this visit, a SuperPaws Trainer will assess your dog training needs as well as answer any questions you may have regarding our services or training in general. We feel this is the most important step in the training process. You will learn about our training methods and programs. We will answer your questions and be able to make the proper training recommendations after meeting you and your dog.



Perfect for the first time puppy owner and seasoned pet parent. Puppies ages 8-16 weeks meet once a week to play and socialize while their pet parents learn valuable puppy related information. 

Topics covered include:

  • Housebreaking
  • Basic Obedience
  • Obedience Systems Explained
  • Puppy Proofing your home
  • Health and Basic Grooming
  • Proper Socialization for Puppy 
  • Managing Difficult Behaviors

Puppy socialization classes are rolling admissions; join anytime, stay for 6 weeks to attend all educational topics. 


Puppy orientation is a three lesson package at your home with one of our trainers. During these visits we help you and your new puppy get settled in together. We will discuss:

  • Puppy Proofing your House - How to Potty Train your new puppy
  • Overview on how dogs learn. Dealing with problems like jumping and nipping
  • An introduction to formal obedience using "markers" and rewards



Participants meet with their trainer at our Garden City Park location once a week for 4 weeks, followed by one lesson with your trainer at your home. Lessons are tailored to meet the dog's individual needs and the owners expectations. Daily practice by the owner is necessary for effective learning as well as follow up maintenance to ensure good results in the future. Private lessons package includes all equipment, meetings with your trainer, and lifetime, follow up group classes where available. This program is recommend for dogs 4 moths old and older. 


Involves meeting with your trainer to learn how to train your dog. Private lessons are held once a week, for approximately 1 hour. Training lessons are tailored to meet the dog's needs and the owner’s expectations and may be held at home, at the park, or any number of locations to facilitate a well rounded training program. The program typically takes about 4-6 weeks to complete. Daily practice by the owner is necessary for effective learning as well as follow up maintenance to ensure good results in the future. The in home training package includes all equipment, private lessons, and a lifetime of follow-up through group classes where available. This program is recommended for dogs four months and older


This is a Board and Train program. Your dog comes to live with one of our trainers for about two weeks. Not only do we train your dog at our place but your dog will accompany a trainer to work and be trained anywhere our trainers happen to stop. We feel training in as many places as possible greatly improves the over all result and gives dog owners the confidence to take their dogs ANYWHERE. This program is recommended for dogs four months and older.

In both the SUPERPAWS PRIVATE LESSONS, IN THE HOME and TRAINING CAMP programs your dog will learn the following on and off the leash:

  • Come when called on and off leash around distractions.
  • Heel or walk next to you on and off leash stops pulling or wandering away.
  • SuperPaws SIT this means sit until you are told to do something else or released
  • PLACE on an object until told to do something else or released
  • OFF stops jumping on furniture and guests
  • LEAVE IT Stops chewing, excessive licking and begging
  • DOWN lay down until told to do something else or released



This program will give a good start to housebreaking your dog. We will personalize this program to your needs including your schedule, and potty method of choice: Outside, Wee wee pads, Litter, or a combination of methods. Housebreaking programs take place in your home or at sleep away camp, depending on your needs.


This combines both the SuperPaws training camp and housebreaking programs. This program is VERY labor intensive. The usual time frame is 6-8 weeks for both programs.


This is a super intense, soup to nuts all inclusive puppy program. The puppy enters this program around the age of eight weeks and lives with a trainer until he or she is approximately four and a half to five months old. The puppy raising program includes advanced, off leash obedience, socialization, traditional veterinary care (i.e. vaccinations, de-worming etc.) and housebreaking as well as lifetime follow up. This program is suitable for a household wanting to buy or adopt a young dog, but who lack the time necessary to get that dog over the first few difficult months. This program can be tailored for either household pet puppies or for working dog puppies depending on the dog owners needs.