SuperPaws Dog Training Staff and Helpers


Chris has served his community in one way or another all his adult life. At 17 he joined the US Army Reserves then At 21 joined the Farmingville fire Department as an Emergency Medical Technician and later became a Firefighter. A few years later and he was hired by the New York City Emergency Medical Services  which eventually became part of the FDNY; where he served the Harlem, Washington Heights, Midtown Manhattan and chealsea areas.

When Chris left the city he got a German shepherd puppy and named him Justice. Justice did all he could to get on Chris' last nerve and he succeeded. Chris summoned the help of a professional trainer and within 2 weeks was able to walk Justice around the neighborhood with no leash. This created a burning desire within Chris to learn how to do it. So what did he do? He annoyed the heck out of the guy and handed out his cards until he agreed to teach Chris how to train dogs. A little more than a year later and Chris was a professional dog trainer. Chris worked for Best Friends Dog Training  for 5 years gaining the invaluable experience he is now able to pass on to you.

Chris doesn't stop with training your dogs; he has trained his German Shepherd Justice for competition in the Protection Sports Association(PSA). Chris also has two other dogs being trained for competition; Halo des Barriques a Belgian Malinois and W'McLovin des Barriqes (Halo's Son) who will be competing in French Ring Sport.


Dr. Mary has been training dogs since August of 2001. It all started for her when she adopted a shelter puppy and named him Jake. Mary, who at the time, had a B.S. and an M.A. in psychology, was excited about the prospect of training Jake. It did not take long for her to realize that despite all her knowledge, she was in over her head! Mary hired Frank of Best Friend's Dog Training to come help her get Jake under control.

Over the course of working with her, Frank commented to Mary that she'd make, "A pretty good dog trainer." It took six months for that thought to take hold. Mary was now working on her PhD in psychology and could use a little side job to help pay the bills. So much for her little side job. An intensive year and a half long apprenticeship later, Mary became a professional dog trainer.

She worked for several years, helping to turn a one man dog training company into a seven trainer, three office dog training giant serving just about all of New York State and Northern New Jersey. Eventually, Mary helped open Super Paws Dog training and is working to service Long Island and Manhattan dog owners with superior dog training and outstanding customer service.

During this process, Mary realized that working with dogs and their families was her life's work. She continued studying, however, and in Feb. 2009, she earned her PhD. It was a proud moment for Mary, but for her, nothing gets her up in the morning like a grateful owner and a happy dog. Mary cherishes times when owners tell her and colleagues, "If it weren't for you guys, we would have had to put him up for adoption," or "You saved our marriage." Mary feels she is extremely lucky to have found her vocation and is looking forward to sharing her experience with you.


Kimberly got the training bug much the same way Chris Smith and Dr. Mary  Did. Best Friends Dog Training trained her dog Rigel which sparked a desire to learn as much about training as possible. Kimberly is a School Teacher; which is invaluable when training a dog and their owners. After learning the dog world, Kimberly was remarkable at transferring the secrets of dog training to her clients. She also has a remarkable gift of conecting with her clients and their dog's; providing the needed training as well as forging a relationship with training clients that goes far beyond what other trainers offer. SuperPaws is PROUD that Kimberly Valdemira has chosen to lend her considerable talents to SuperPaws Dog Training and become a member of a team dedicated to serving all those wanting to take their dog to the next level.    




Justice is a German Shepherd and the first dog Chris owned as an adult; he is also the dog that started Chris on his training journey. Justice has competed in protection sports and is a regular partner for Chris at work. Justice specializes in assisting with the training of aggressive dogs and being the SuperPaws sweet dog  ambassador to the children of Long Island and New York City


HALO des Barriques

Halo is a Belgian Malinois. Halo is in training to compete in French Ring Sportand is a very important part of the SuperPaws team. Halo works as an advertising executive for SuperPaws Dog Training. On any given day you can find Halo out and about showing off the training she has received from SuperPaws trainers. Weather she is assisting with training dogs in New York City and Long Island or starring in her own videos, this little diva does it all.


W'McLovin des Barriques

McLovin is Halo's son. Born on November 21, 2009 McLovin is a very active and precocious puppy that promises to test Chris' abilities as a trainer. McLovin is young but is already being trained to compete in French Ring Sportand is a rising star in the SuperPaws family







Jake is the shelter puppy Mary rescued that started her down her dog training path. Jake was a challenge from the start; growling biting and being generally dominant over Mary. The training began and Jake calmed down a bit. Training for Jake is ongoing and he has found a place at home as a wonderful companion and friend who enjoys his rides in the convertible.


Katana des Barriques

Katana is a Belgian Malinois, amazingly athletic and sometimes intense Katana is always ready to work and play. Katana is Mary's regular partner at work and excels at assisting with the training of clients dogs. Katana enjoys Fly ball and Lure coursing and just about anything else that has to do with a ball. Katana is a very loving dog and always has time to let you pet her.





Rigel is Kimberly's reason for becoming a dog trainer.  He's her handsome black German Shepherd Dog.  However, he was a HORRIBLE puppy and was told if Binghamton wasn't so far away he was going back to where he came from.  Through basic obedience training a bond was formed that is irreplaceable.  Rigel is a Therapy Dog and frequents local nursing homes.  He also loves to dance!  His favorite dance is the Electric Slide.  Next he is going to learn the Hokie Pokie.






Circuit is a rescue from Bide A Wee in West Hampton.  He is a reverse brindle boxer with intense drive.  Although he comes to group class or will work with Kimberly and clients, he is really her husband's dog.  Because of this, Kimberly FULLY understands how training within a family dynamic works.  Especially when one of the fur babies parents is a softie.  She won't name any names, but it isn't her.  


Walter is Kimberly's red nosed pit bull who wandered into her backyard and has not left.  Named after a character in a children's book, Walter the Farting Dog lives up to his name!  He is very happy getting belly rubs, chomping on rawhides, and practicing being a good boy everyday.